ItalianCar is Reborn

Redesign a website about Italian Cars? Of course we said yes!

Italian Car logo

ItalianCar is an online magazine all about Italian Cars – now there’s a surprise. It has been around for a number of years and, in its heyday, was attracting an incredible amount of traffic – a staggering 175,000 page views per month! But it has withered on the vine somewhat and was in dire need of a makeover.

Now it just so happens that I am rather partial to an Italian Car myself, in fact I have just taken ownership of a rather natty little 1968 Alfa Romeo (read about it here), so when a chance meeting with ItalianCar owner/editor/head writer David Bateson threw up the prospect of a partnership to relaunch the site we jumped at it.

And now, after months of meetings, coffees, chats about cars (Italian of course) we are very proud to present the new,  brighter, cleaner, easier to use version of  ItalianCar.

For the new site we opted for WordPress as the content management system. WordPress is made for this sort of site, it’s easy and fast to use, there are loads of useful plug-ins for online magazines and, if you get the design right, it can look great. As with all new BA Creative websites we took the extra step of making the site responsive and, judging by the early statistics from Google Analytics, it is a good job we did as the site is attracting a very healthy number of hits from mobile devices.

We aim to produce regular articles, test drives, reviews and interviews. We hope to through in the odd competition and possible event down the track, but above all we want ItalianCar to be entertaining and fun – a place where Italian car fans come back to regularly.

Let us know what you think or, better still, write us an article – as long as it is connected in some way to Italian cars!