Making Waves

Radiator Launches New Products

At BA Creative we work on a lot of exciting projects but it’s not often that we work on something that ends up on the front page of newspapers and their websites around the world – no offence Tim the Signman┬ábut that was never going to happen! – and that is exactly what has just occurred courtesy of Radiator.

Working closely with SAMS, Radiator has put on the market a range of wetsuits that are designed to decrease the likelihood of a shark attack. This has caught the attention of the world’s media and a veritable frenzy of coverage and attention has followed. Here are a few headline (excuse the pun) grabbing facts:

  • 554,744 views of the YouTube video
  • 4000% increase in traffic
  • Front page news stories on the Guardian and its Australian sister site, the London Times, New York Times, BBC News,, and many more

Pretty impressive stuff, and a big congratulations should go to the Radiator team.

So where did BA Creative feature in all this I hear you ask? Well we were the online design team behind the Radiator website, responsible for getting the new products information, images and videos online, on time to allow the PR magic to happen.