I’m a big lover of a good checklist, so a simple content checklist seemed a natural thing for this blog!

We actually recommend making sure your content ticks the following 3 boxes;

Is your content RELEVANT?

To tick this box you need to know your target audience! What do they like/dislike? What age group are they in? What type of language appeals to them – formal, casual? Once you know this, you need to make sure the content you write is relevant to this audience. Think about this scenario…a shoe company that has funky, colourful sneakers that markets on Instagram. Images of corporate offices and people in suits is never going to work to market these shoes, right?! They need a fun, casual and fresh vibe to appeal to their target audience. It doesn’t matter if you are a service or product based business, making sure content is relevant will improve content engagement and ensure it appeals to your target audience.

Is your content VALUABLE?

When we say valuable we don’t mean you need to offer a gold coin to anyone that reads your blog, we mean does your content reflect true value to your target client’s life? Take this as an example….you own a fashion boutique and sell your clothing online and market via Facebook. Instead of posting content all related to BUY, BUY, BUY this dress or that top, imagine if you posted the top 5 fashion trends for summer or 3 quick ways to style a top that you sell? People will find this information much more useful and valuable than if you just push your product and a quick sell! Writing valuable content also creates an element of trust and being knowledgeable in your industry which is also very important if you own a service based business. Valuable content is second to none for building brand loyalty and engagement, so it is always pays to ask yourself before writing any content…how will this be valuable for my client? Don’t forget though, people find value in different things. Your content may just add value to your client’s life because you write funny quotes and share hilarious GIF’s that make them laugh – that is valuable too. So, biggest tip here is know your target client and write content that will appeal to them so they see true value in it!

Is your content CONSISTENT?

We mean consistent in two senses of the word…is the look and feel of your content consistent AND do you post content consistently? The consistency of the look and feel of your content is important for brand awareness and having a regular post schedule shows professionalism and again provides an element of trust for your audience, which is important if you want them to engage your services or buy your product! The best way to ensure consistent posting is to PLAN, PLAN, PLAN! A content calendar with a schedule of what content needs to go out on what channel can help greatly with both planning and posting consistently.

In a sweet little nutshell, that is 3 quick tips to help your business provide appealing and engaging content for your target audience! If you haven’t got the time to turn these tips into reality or need a little help in the crazy world of content, we can help! BA Creative dig content creation, so give us a bell and we can organise a chat about your business and how we can help!