Brisbane has thrown off the shackles and is now brimming with a growing population and an abundance of businesses competing for clientele and sales.  With the strong competition and the meteoric rise of the internet, it is crucial for all Brisbane organisations to start implementing some simple SEO solutions to get noticed.  Read on to find out 3 ways you can help boost SEO for your business.


1. Start a blog

You may have noticed in recent years that more and more websites are starting to work on a blog, even though they’re not necessarily the type of business you’d expect to have one. Everyone, from pool cleaners to health spas, are having a go at writing blog posts. This hasn’t been due to a global epidemic of egotism that has prompted everyone to believe that the world needs to hear what they have to say. Rather its been recognised as a simple SEO solution to help get your business noticed. Google loves fresh content, and the easiest way to be regularly working on a website is to have a blog which you can update once a week or more. The new content will help increase your search rankings and get your Brisbane business noticed, not only locally but potentially globally. If you’re looking to get started, check out this article that helps explain what makes a good blog post and how to recreate one.

2. Link building

If you read the previous Link Building blog post, you may want to skip to the next step of simple SEO solutions. If not, keep on reading! Link Building is a big part of letting Google know who you are and it also lets Google know which businesses are giving you their seal of approval. Like I previously wrote, this a tricky aspect of digital marketing because you need to be able to balance the ability of linking to others without overdoing it while also being able to receive links from high quality websites. This will tie in perfectly with the blog aspect above as you can link naturally and organically in blog posts without needing to compromise the main content on your website. Getting links to your website can be quite tricky so you may need to call upon industry associations, fellow industry professionals and people you know to help get some solid links to your site.  

3. Socialise

When I say socialise, I don’t mean going to parties and telling everyone that will listen about your business (although good old word of mouth can still be effective). What I mean is making sure that your company is on various social medias like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google +. The reason for this is that most of the population utilise these mediums and each social media can help you with a specific purpose.  For example, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter can help with reaching out to and engaging with customers, LinkedIn can help build trust with Google as it sees that you’re a legitimate business, and Google + is great because Google loves it when you use their stuff. You can post about upcoming promotions, the latest news within the business or simply looking at trending topics and coming up with something that ties the trending topic and your business together in an effort to get noticed. By getting on top of the various social media, you should be able to make your business more visible and therefore more competitive in the Brisbane region (or whatever the local region is for you). Even better is that it is a very simple SEO solution to getting your business rocketing up the search results.


The simple things done well make all the difference in business. With the rise of the internet, a website has become the digital brochure and point of sale for many businesses and to generate business it needs to be seen and stand out.  So, if you’re looking to give your company that extra boost that it needs, you may want to get to work implementing these 3 simple SEO solutions onto your website and start getting noticed online!