Drew’s approach is that of a classic entrepreneur: he identified a problem and solved it in an imaginative way that makes you say ‘why didn’t I think of that!’. The problem in question is the delivery of small quantities of concrete. When you think of it, concrete is everywhere and there a million and one jobs that need small quantities delivered on site – it might be a driveway repair, fence post fottings, a retaining wall or a slab for a patio – but how do you get it? You could buy bags of dry concrete from Bunnings, lug them home and mix it yourself. Or you could book a cement mixer and possibly a pump and pay a small fortune. Now, with Mixen Concrete, you can book a small truck to come to your door and deliver the precise amount of a precise grade of concrete – mixed there and then. It’s easy, high quality and cost effective. Genius.

The challenge for us was to create a website that clearly explains Mixen’s offering and encourages people to get in touch and order. To do this we built a WordPress website using a completely custom design. The site is responsive so it works on all devices – handy for allowing tradies on site to easily order up a batch of concrete on their phones.

We have also built a clever concrete ordering tool that will make it easy to calculate how much concrete you need and the cost. This feature will be added to the site very soon.

So, for all you budding disruptive business people out there, check out Mixen Concrete and see how it’s done.