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Digital Roundup: February 2022

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Exciting Shopify Updates

Shopify Partners from all over the Asia Pacific region (including us!) attended the platform’s online Agency Training Day on February 22. Some key takeaways from their presentation:

  • Shopify is skyrocketing in value — in fact, the GMV of Shopify in Australia and New Zealand is now roughly the same as the GDP of Jamaica.
  • Thanks to its success, Shopify is implementing tons of new features including a new lead referral program for Partners.
  • Struggling to understand the Shopify backend? The eCommerce giant has announced that Shopify Academy will soon be open to merchants, partners and developers, to help improve their Shopify chops and earn official certifications as they learn.
  • The biggest news: Shopify will be launching Hydrogen and Oxygen, the former designed to ease the process of customised websites. This is particularly huge for business owners wanting a headless website.

eCommerce Shopping Trends 2022

Recent Shopify studies found that customers prefer eCommerce brands that:

  • Don’t have a negative impact on the environment (77%)
  • Have upfront shipping costs (74% of respondents)
  • Offer free returns (68% of respondents)
  • Give an estimate arrival time (68% of respondents)
  • Have a local presence (44%)

Social Media

TikTok Releases Trends for 2022

TikTok unleashed its user insights and recommendations report this month. The report breaks down TikTok insights by region and the ANZ report was curious.

TikTokers from Australia and New Zealand were particularly enraptured by videos capturing local nature and landscapes. Brands are encouraged to take advantage of the wanderlust inspired by the past two years of lockdowns (or maybe just show off the nature around their office).

In Australia, 47% more viewers searched by sound than by hashtags. If you’re producing organic content on TikTok, focus on what sounds are trending and create clips that pair nicely with them. 

This isn’t to say that hashtags are obsolete. The hashtag #TikTokMadeMeBuyIt, for example, is still a huge purchase driver on the platform. 

Twitter Labels Bots

As fun as some bots on Twitter can be, they can also be deceptive if you don’t know the account you’re interacting with is a machine. To make sure everyone’s on the same page, the platform has started labelling automated accounts as just that.


Android Privacy Update Coming

Google has announced that it will soon provide similar security features for Android as Apple recently did for iOS14.5, allowing users to opt out from ad tracking across apps.

This is a rather hard kick in the bum for ad-based sites such as Facebook who lost billions in ad revenue due to the iPhone update late last year. Approximately 95% of users opted out from third party app tracking. Note that Facebook is just the most obvious case though — every site that has to track attribution for its success (TikTok, Snapchat, Pinterest, LinkedIn, among others) has the same issue. 


There’s never been a better time to make sure you’ve got a Conversion API connection or similar straight to your store. For best results, make sure you have a native Shopify app integration with your channels of choice.