Your Promise To Your Customers

Brand Promise

What is a Brand Promise and why does your business need one.

A Brand Promise is a simple statement of intent that your business makes. Basically it states what your business promises to provide to its customers. It isn’t a profit focussed, spreadsheet powered message to your shareholders or investors, it works on a higher emotional level that aims to express your company’s values in order to create better, more meaningful outcomes.

We see the initial role of a Brand Promise to be an internal marketing device. It should be used to focus and engage all employees and team members – everyone in the business should know what this core message is and feel motivated and connected to the brand.

If everyone in a business embraces a well crafted Brand Promise, real change can occur at all levels. Involvement, commitment and energy can all be greatly enhanced.

Ok, so what’s a good example of Brand Promises?

It is easy to create a promise that states generic, worthy aims. For example a promise to treat all customers with respect is something that all business could say – we’ll they should do anyway! – so it isn’t particularly useful or meaningful. Instead we need to home in on the essence of the business and what is special about it. 

For a upmarket hair salon in Brisbane we needed to come up with a something that encapsulated their unique skill set and position in the market. This is the Brand Promise we created:

“To create exceptional hair design with cutting edge styling and colour mastery, tailored to the client’s identity and wrapped up in a remarkable experience.”