Brand Strategy

The Plan To Achieve Your Business Goals

Why create a brand strategy?

A great brand can really take your business places. You could reach more people, move up market, become more youthful, more people focussed, more fun, more serious and, ultimately, more successful.

The brand strategy process

The first three steps in our Brand Strategy Process (as shown on our Brand page) represent the strategic stages. This are the crucial elements that allow us to understand your business and your strengths so that we can help form a clear plan for creating the very best brand.

The three strategic steps are:

1. Initial Meeting & Discovery 

The process of discovery is massively important in the branding process. We must discover what you think about your company, what your aims and dreams are and, crucially, what the outside world thinks and feels about your company. This part of the process involves an initial fact finding meeting and then a period of discovery where we explore all aspects of your brand.

This can include market research, competitor analysis and sometimes focus groups.

2. Workshop

Once we have gathered information and have started to form ideas it is time for the workshop. This is where we sit down with you and work through what we are going to achieve and how we are going to do it.

This workshop session can be held at BA Creative’s studio or at your place.

3. Strategy & Plan

Once we have completed the workshop, we devise the brand strategy and plan the way forward. Depending on the status of your current brand, this may include a new name and tagline plus brand positioning statement and value proposition.


Brand strategy case study: iD Brisbane

Sometimes we are asked to create new brands and sometimes we are asked to change, evolve, reinvigorate existing brands. The project that we undertook for iD Brisbane  Hair Salon was very much in the second camp – the brand was in need of a major refresh.

BA Creative Brand Strategy Case Study

One of the problems with the old iD brand was confusion. Lots of versions and abbreviations of the business name were used. There were websites and social media accounts with different names and even the salon signage was inconsistent. So consolidation and clarity were key watch words throughout the project and at the strategic stage we need to clearly define who iD were and where they wanted to go.

We conducted a workshop session with the iD team to ensure that everyone was on board and excited with the newly focussed direction.

The outcome of the research, meetings and workshop session was a Brand Strategy document that summarised our findings and presented:

Brand Promise

The Brand Promise is a description of the company’s character and what your company commits to the people who interact with it.

Brand Personality

The Brand Personality is a set of human characteristics & features that the new Brand encapsulates.

Brand Position

A statement indicating the Brand’s position in the marketplace.

Value Proposition

The Value Proposition is a promise of value to be delivered to every client. It is the main reason why clients will go to this Brand rather than a competitor.

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