Get The Name Of Your Brand Right


Amongst all of the important questions and decisions that you'll need to make, what are you going to call the business is right up there.

Let’s say you are starting a new business.  Naming your business has always been a difficult and crucial thing to get right, but in today’s world with super-savvy customers, domain name competition and constantly changing trends it is even harder. Which is why you need professional help.

Creative Considerations

The creative part of a business name process is the fun part. It is where we can explore options – inside and outside of the box – and where our skills and experience come to the fore. 

We need to consider what the brand stands for and what the target demographic wants. We need to create a name that resonates and catches hold of people’s imagination and memory. We’ve also got to keep an eye on the future, the name has to last beyond the latest trends.


Legal Considerations

The legal considerations when naming are business need to be taken seriously. The precise nature of the checks and research that we undertake depends on the industry and geographical location of the business but normally fall into the following two categories.


Existing Business Registrations

It is important to check to see if there are any existing businesses using your name. These checks may need to be conducted internationally to ensure the name works worldwide.


Domain Name Availability

Your new business will need a website and email addresses so it is very important that a domain name (website address) that is relevant is available. For example you might want to call you business Acme Widgets but discover that is already taken.

Like the legal side of things, there is an international dimension to this consideration too. If your business is to be based in Australia and work with Australian customers then you probably need a domain name that ends with If, however, you want your business to operate on the world stage you’ll need a .com.

Business Naming Case Study: The Sun Works

When we were asked by The Sunshine Coast Solar Centre to help them with a new name we employed a technique once succinctly described by Don Draper in a classic episode of Mad Men.

“Just think about it. Deeply. Then forget it. And an idea will jump up in your face.”

That’s exactly what we did and the idea hit us on a Sunshine Coast (how appropriate) beach during our Christmas holidays.

And the name? The Sun Works – read more about this story here.