Content Executive

BA Creative is growing and we are looking for an enthusiastic Content Executive to join our digital marketing team.

What’s the role?

As a core part of BA Creative’s digital marketing service offering, we’re looking for an enthusiastic Content Executive who’s a strong writer to join our tight-knit team, and achieve amazing results for our clients.


From “creative SEO” as part of a content marketing program; to organic social for Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest, and TikTok; to tight direct response copywriting for digital ads across social and search, we want to hear from you if you’re eager to learn more about selling brands on the Internet.


Who is BA?

First established in 2007, BA Creative has been building brands, websites, and businesses online ever since. Now with a heavy Shopify ecommerce focus. we’re eager to bring as much creative energy in-house as we can to supplement our design, development, and digital marketing strategy work.


Why you?

A digital native, you’ll know that “content is king” — as Mr. Computer Bill Gates himself said back in the 90s.


You’ll know the inherent value of effectively ranking a website for core search terms. Getting to number one is always the goal — sometimes a hard one — and you’re familiar with search engines like they’re your best online friend.


You’ll know that not all social media is made equal, but that each have their strengths, weaknesses, and core demographics.


And you’ll know that paid social and organic social can be complementary, but are also worlds away from each other — depending on the client.


What we’re looking for.

A strong writer.


Hopefully you’re a better writer than whoever put this job spec together (we’re not offended), and while a related degree would be ideal we’ve got some creatives in-house already that come from fields as dry as tax auditing, so we’re keen to cast a wide net to get you if you’re the right fit.


If you’ve ever produced something interesting that’s online for all to see, we’re keen to see it/read it/watch it. You’re probably a fresh grad — or about to be — looking for what comes next and even if you’ve never worked in an office before that’s okay. Sitting at a desk isn’t that hard, don’t worry.


We’d also love some commercial sensibility. We are selling our clients’ products and services after all, so knowing the value of when to push, when to pull, and when to close is invaluable. You’ll be keen to prove an ROI (and you’ll know what that is) and even more keen to drive that ROI (or ROAS) as high as possible.


What you’d be doing 9 to 5.

    • Being creative. You’ll spend most of your time writing in Google Docs but if you know your way around Canva/Photoshop/Premiere, or you’re keen to learn the Creative Cloud we’re keen on that too. We’ve got design resources in-house but video is easy pickings if you know the difference between an .mov and H264.

    • Being flexible. As above, sometimes we have high priority clients who need something done ASAP. Because of this, sometimes we’ve just gotta drop tools and get it sorted.

    • Planning. As much as creativity can be an ‘as it comes and goes’ kind of endeavour, we do have to plan ahead for our clients. You’ll be expected to feed into content calendars across search and social, as required, based on insights from your work-to-date and ideally from your own experience. These content calendars will come from our longer term client strategies and you’ll be feeding into, writing, and amending those as well.
    • Learning. While we’re keen to get you stuck into writing more than anything, there will be some more technical elements of SEO we’d like you to learn — think redirects, status codes, and search volume research.


What we’d like to see.

Writing samples.


Whether that’s some social copy you’ve written for a volunteer org or passion project, some facetious essays you’ve published online, a short story you’ve had placed in a lit mag, blogs you’ve been writing for your own website or a client or university, or web series/spec TV/commercial scripts (features are probably a bit too long but if that’s what you’ve got, maybe give us the first ~15 pages?).


Ideally you’d have some short-form (for social), something about ~500 words, and something between 1,000 and 1,500 words so we can see your writing across a range of lengths.


Medium and topic are up to you — just send your best three pieces.


What we’re paying.



What do I do next if I’m keen?

Flick an interesting cover letter,  one-page CV, and your three most representative pieces of writing through to Zac.


Want to chat the role through first? Give us a call on 3217 3028.

Think you’re the one for us?