AustStar Motors

Branding, Website & More

AustStar Motors is Brisbane’s leading independent Mercedes-Benz specialists. With such a great market position, service and reputation AustStar needed our help to create a brand and online experience that truly reflected their business.

It All Starts With The Brand

As always we started this project by having a good hard look at the existing AustStar brand. Over the years there had been several attempts at creating a good, strong brand image for AustStar, but, in our opinion, the attempts always came up short. Just before BA Creative took over AustStar was projecting an image more suitable for an ’80s sci-fi movie than a professional business specialising in servicing high-end automobiles.

The Old AustStar Motors Logo



You can see our point, can’t you? The question we asked ourselves is would someone looking for an alternative option for servicing of their beloved Mercedes-Benz choose a company with such an out of date and, well, gaudy image? We thought not.

We started with a completely clean sheet of paper – the only thing that was locked in was the name, everything else was on the table. We researched who AustStar Motors’ clients were and focused in on the target demographic, the competition and other brands that filled the same market position. 

Ideas began to formulate and sketches were drawn.


And a moodboard was created.


And from this the new brand was created.


A New Brand Emerges

A branding project is very much a collaborative affair. We believe in keeping our clients up to speed with our thinking and where we’re heading. So ofter consultation with the client we refined our designs and began to distil the essence of the new brand for AustStar.

The new logo consists of a rectangular block – not dissimilar to the shape of a car’s licence plate – that has been cut in half with a diagonal line. This shape allows us to break up the Aust and Star elements of the name to make it easier to read and understand. It also creates a classic and, we hope, timeless feel to the design. We predict that this logo will still look great in 5, 10, 20 years time.

The New AustStar Motors Logo




We designed the logo to have a high degree of flexibility – we want it to be able to be used in a wide variety of situations. Versions were created that work on dark backgrounds, on light backgrounds and with and without the Est. 1992 wording. We also locked in the colours to a new official AustStar palette as well as designing a typography scheme. All of this was wrapped up in an easy to use Brand Guidelines document, allowing AustStar staff to keep everything consistent and on-brand.

AustStar Motors Brand Guidelines




You can find out more about our branding service here.

The New AustStar Website

Once we had created the new branding elements for AustStar we moved on to creating a new website. Naturally we chose WordPress as the Content Management System (CMS) and, also naturally, we used our own, in-house code, rather than an off the shelf theme.

The result is a great looking website that is totally unique. The design is fully responsive so that it looks great and works perfectly on all devices – from desktops to smart phone. The back-end of the site was also custom built to make it super-easy for AustStar staff to login and update the site.

The New AustStar Motors Website



Marketing - Making Everything Work

With a fresh new brand and state of the art website there was only one piece of the puzzle missing: Digital Marketing. Actually with AustStar our marketing activities were not limited to the digital arena only, we also created conventional marketing materials – more about those later.

SEO & AdWords

A SEO and AdWords campaign was created to drive more people to the AustStar website and to increase the number of bookings. The website is now dominating Google for the chosen keywords and the number of hits and enquiries are rising.

Newspaper Ad

We’re digital specialists here at BA Creative, but we don’t live in a tecno-bubble. We know that a truly effective marketing campaign should make use of all appropriate media. In the case of AustStar this meant advertising in newspapers – it is is perfect for the target demographic and a great way of cementing the new branding.

We design a full page ad that ran in a number of papers across Brisbane.


Billboard Ads

Another great way of increasing brand recognition is a billboard advertising campaign. AustStar came to us with an idea to mix traditional billboards with digital screens at locations around Brisbane.

We designed a series of ads with the aim of clearly informing the view of the services offered and the market position of AustStar. The response has been fantastic with many new AustStar customers indicating that they saw on or more of the ads.