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About Our Client.

BVW, originally Breezeview Windows, has been operating since 1985, offering a full range of products catering from small houses to multi-storey towers. 

The Challenge.

BVW came to us wanting to revamp their business, starting with the name. They felt that their original name Breezeview Windows ‘pigeon-holed’ them too much.

What we did.

First of all we needed to look at the name of the business. Did Breeze View Windows sound like a business capable of designing, building and installing windows for large scale commercial projects? We thought not. 

So we decided that a short form of the business name worked much better and also lent itself to a more professional logo. BVW it was!

A branding design process was then undertaken to design a new logo, colour scheme and typographic style.

The Result.

The result was a creation of the BVW Group umbrella brand, with their services being divided into seperate sub-brands: Glass and Glazing, Screens and Security, Powder Coating, Installations.

All of the brands use the BVW wordmark, which contains a symbolic wave cutout. This wave is reminiscent of the original brands wave, but it also represent the type of work the company does – unique and dynamic. It also emphasised the company’s focus to be fresh and break away from the common path their competitors take.

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