Folio Books

A better way to buy books online

Folio Books is a beloved Brisbane icon but their website & online store didn’t do this little gem justice. That’s where we came in.

For over 30 years, Folio Books has brought the wonderful world of books to Brisbane, with an extensive and unique range. 

A precious resource for Architects, Industrial Designers & Graphic Designers, we had the challenge of designing for other designers, which meant staying true to the reputation for excellence that Folio Books has cultivated in their many years of business.

The Online Store

We set out to create an online store that emphasised their unique character, while being easy and enjoyable for Folio Books to update, and along the way, we focused on making the buying experience a pleasant one, from start to finish.


Built with LemonStand, the new Folio Books is a cutting-edge, fully responsive, online store that adapts to a variety of new devices and technologies.