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About Our Client.

GMC Cooyar is the name of a business venture created by motorcycle racing legend Garry McCoy – the man with a style of riding so unique and exciting that he earned the nick name The Slide King.

Although his professional racing career has come to an end, Garry is still extremely passionate about riding and passing on his vast knowledge and skill to a younger generation of champions. So with his love of motorbikes undimmed and a high demand for his services as a racing coach he has decided to to create a facility in Cooyar, Queensland where people can come to ride, camp and learn.

GMC Cooyar is set on 1800 acres of Australian bushland approximately a 2.5 hour drive from Brisbane. The facility includes 5 different tracks to challenge and delight. Every corner, every jump, every berm has been carefully designed by Garry McCoy to provide the perfect off-road motorcycle training and riding experience.

The Challenge.

We were delighted that Garry and his partner Julie decided to choose BA Creative to build a website to promote the new business. Pete Accini, our Creative Director fondly remembers watching Garry ply his trade around the race tracks of the world, thrilling at his ability to take his bike to the ragged edge, so it was an honour to not only meet him but also work with him and Julie on this project.

We knew straightaway that we needed to build something that was different, bold and fun. But we also needed to make sure that the website worked from a business point of view. The website would form the cornerstone of GMC Cooyar’s marketing activities so it had to generate lots of interest and leads.

What We Did.

We looked at the brand initially and created some updates and tweaks to make it more consistent and usable.

Then came the website design. This was one of the most enjoyable web design projects every undertaken by us. We loved the challenge of creating something that was bold, engaging and different.

The Result.

WordPress was selected as the content management system and a custom build of the front end and back end was undertaken. We were very fortunate to have access to some great images of Garry, many of which were taken by super-snapper Julie, plus fully fleshed out services and products, making the process of building the site much easier.

We used textures and layers to create a visually interesting experience that feels connected to the world of motorcycle racing. The perforated leather effect that we used throughout the site works particularly well at conveying an authentic racing feel.

Naturally we needed to make sure the website worked well and looked great on all devices. So the responsive web design method was used.

The end result has been very well received by everyone. It has generated lots of enquiries and serves to position GMC Cooyar perfectly in the marketplace.

To cap off this fantastic project we received what has to be our best ever testimonial – certainly the most original:

“When you get off on racing motorbikes at 300km an hour very few things in life get you genuinely excited. I’m pretty sure that was excitement I saw on Garry’s face last night! He loves the website! “

Julie – GMC Cooyar

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