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About Our Client.

River Tree Health is a brand new medical centre located in Brisbane’s West End.

That’s pretty exciting in itself but when you add in to the mix River Tree Health’s unique way of providing a more considered approach to medical treatment, things get really interesting.

The Challenge.

Michelle Vickers from River Tree Health came to us with an idea: to build a new kind of medical practice – we were all ears.

As this was a new venture we needed to start from scratch, well almost from scratch, Michelle had the name River Tree in mind. And, as always, the place to start is with the brand.  A website and a digital marketing strategy were also required to ensure that the practice will be noticed and that the bookings will flow in.

What we did.

Our imagination was immediately fired by the unique approach to a medical practice that Michelle was advocating and we kicked things off with the design of a bold, bespoke and carefully considered brand that matched the service offering and talked to the target audience.

The branding process included honing the business name and finding a matching domain name. It also involved designing a logo, colour scheme, typography style and a Brand Promise statement. This was all wrapped up in a thorough Brand Guidelines document.

The next the project was the build of a website that will become the most important marketing tool for River Tree Health. The website will become the place where people discover more information about the services offered and the approach taken. It is also where people will access the online booking system.

We built the site using WordPress without an off the shelf, third party theme or plugins – clean, simple and bespoke. 

Once the site is built a digital marketing strategy needs to kick in to drive people to the site and get the bookings flowing in.


The Result.

The River Tree Health brand evolved perfectly and we were able to home in on a logo and colour palette that was spot on. The stylised tree emblem and the blend of serif and sans serif fonts create a style that we called “luxuriously nurturing”!

The brand was quickly pressed into service; business cards and social medial channels were soon resplendent in the new River Tree colours.

The website build flowed on from the brand and the result is a beautifully elegant site that presents content, that ranges from gut health information to doctor bios in a very digestible (pun intended) way.

The digital marketing aspect of the project incorporates SEO and Google AdWords. Carefully created campaigns have been created to get River Tree Health noticed on the Google search results pages as well as other websites within the Google network. 

At the time of writing the website has just been launched and the digital marketing was just kicking in. We’ll update this case study when the stats are in but it is already looking very encouraging. 

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