The Sun Works

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About Our Client.

The SunWorks Solar Centre, originally named Sunshine Coast Solar Centre, have over 30 years experience in the Solar Energy industry. They offer the highest level Solar Hot Water and Solar Power products and servicing.

The Challenge.

Mike Trust from the Sunshine Coast Solar Centre contacted us with a plan to revamp the branding of their well established company. They wanted a fresh new corporate identity including a logo and tagline plus a website that presented a professional and friendly image.

What We Did.




The Result.

The Sunshine Coast Solar Centre wasn’t a bad name but it wasn’t the catchiest and it limited the business to a specific geographical area.

We created a new name that is short, sweet and very memorable – The Sun Works. We were particularly pleased with the intentional double entendre: it’s both an adjective describing the company and a statement of fact.

We also invented a modern logo that features a combination of a sun motif with a mechanical, cog-like shape which all fits beautifully with the new name.

We also created an ExpressionEngine website that is flexible enough to cope with the large amount of information and news items that the guys generate.

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