Our sponsorship of Eastern Suburbs FC takes the form of providing web design and graphic design services to the club. In return we have a large sign on the side of the field and our BA Creative logo is emblazoned on the fronts of the junior player’s shirts. We also have a profile on the club website.

This has actually got us a few clients directly from the sponsorship as well a huge sense of enjoyment and satisfaction that you get from being involved with such a great local organisation . The sense of giving back to the community is genuinely rewarding. 

Another major benefit of our involvement with Easts is the overall boost it has given the BA Creative brand. Not only has it made us much more visible but it has also created a positive vibe around the brand in general – how could a company that sponsors kids football be anything other than generous, kind hearted and trustworthy!

The local element is very important also. The fact that Easts FC are just around the corner from our studio has really allowed us to cement our position as the web design agency in East Brisbane. We’re aware that people have joined the dots between the logo on the shirts and the studio they drive past on the way to work and we’re hopeful that we will be front of mind should they need web design services in the future.

Lastly, another benefit that we have gained is the proper networking opportunity that community sponsorship affords. We’ve met some great people at the club and have gained a network of refers and recommenders – all natural, unforced and genuine.

So, we recommend that all businesses get out there and explore local community sponsorship opportunities. You may get some work directly from it, and you certainly will give your brand a positive boost.

BA Creative Easts FC Sign