Tesla Top Man Takes Twitter 

Elon Musk speaking 


As you are probably aware, CEO of Tesla Motors Elon Musk agreed to purchase Twitter last weekend. But what does this mean for brand Twitter?


The business magnate has been vocal about Twitter’s policies toward free speech and has often accused the company of censorship. 


If shareholders accept Musk’s $44 million buyout, it’s likely that Twitter will become both subscription based and more lax toward trolls, making customer service more difficult on the platform. Some marketers predict that this will increase ad performance on other platforms.


It may be possible that ad revenue will increase due to Musk’s desire to rid Twitter of bots and verify all human users, adding a layer of trust to content on the platform. But we guess that time will only tell.


Visual Content is King

In a study of over one billion posts on various social platforms, data analysts found that the most engaging posts on Instagram were video posts and reels. Over on Twitter, photo posts proved most popular over normal text Tweets.


Video and text was the most popular content type on TikTok and YouTube, while video was most popular on Facebook.


Over on our Instagram we’ve posted much more video content this year, and we’re keen to create more for our clients, too.



Woocommerce Pinterest Shopping Promo gif


Pinterest Partners With WooCommerce For New Shopping App

Got a business Pinterest? Now you can transform every pin in your brand board into a shoppable product. 


Pinterest has teamed up with WooCommerce (WC) — the eCommerce platform for WordPress — to allow WC users to display their Pinterest items on their website, and have their Pinterest photos lead directly to their store.


This is a great opportunity for industries that inspire, like interior design, food, homewares and even construction.



Google Adds Updates To Performance Max Campaigns

Google Performance Max promo image


Some of our digital marketing clients will recognise Performance Max — Google’s newest Ads system, which will replace Smart Shopping campaigns later this year.


Like Smart Shopping, Performance Max campaigns run on a goal-based system allowing marketers to target aims such as maximised revenue, maximised clicks, more contacts and so on.


Performance Max has one new goal added to its list, customer acquisition. This means you’ll be able to bid for more new customers instead of showing ads to the same people each time.


Alongside this, Google have added updates including:

  • Performance insights on assets such as images, videos and text.
  • Insights on queries that lead customers to your ad campaign.


YouTube Rolls Out Search Insights For All Users

In an analytics win in a time of dramatic data losses, YouTube has now allowed all of its creators to be able to see unique search insights related to their viewers.


What does this mean? Users can now see exactly which searches are leading viewers to their videos, as well as their audience’s key interest topics and traffic volume for each search.


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