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Optimise your Product Pages for conversations

You rank well on Google and your ads are getting plenty of clicks – so why aren’t your customers converting?

Perhaps your web design is putting customers off track. Ask yourself these questions: Is your CTA clearly visible? Is your product imagery up to scratch?

Read more about how to optimise your product pages for conversions here.



Shopify releases over 100 new updates

Shopify has released over 100 new updates in their Summer (Winter?) 2022 update. 

Unleashed in the updates includes Shopify’s new audience analytics system, their new cashback system for the Shop App and B2B – a big win for wholesalers.

Ah, Shopify. This is why we love you.



Writing your content for humans

AI is becoming more and more enmeshed in the world of digital marketing.

But did you know that Google considers AI-written content to be spam? 

Find out why your content should be written by and for humans here.

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