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Shopify Markets Now Available

A huge win for Shopify merchants selling internationally – Shopify Markets allows shop owners to create “country-based contextual storefronts”.

In plain English: merchants can now tailor their store to each country that they sell to. The theme and currency your customers see now depend on the country they live in.


Social Media

Instagram updates

A big win for freelancers and service businesses – Instagram has introduced enhanced tagging for contributors and collaborators. Users can now give credit to photographers, stylists, artists, or any collaborator on a project featured on their Instagram.

Insta has also introduced moderators to live streaming, ensuring that you can stay focused with your broadcast while someone else takes care of questions and comments.


Lastly, the chronological feed hath returned. After announcing the option to switch back to chronologically-ordered posts in January, Instagram has officially brought the function back as of a few days ago.

Make sure you’ve updated your phone to the latest version of Instagram, then tap the logo and select “Following”. 


Brands and Ukraine

Similar to the Black Lives Matter wave of 2020, brands are putting their values on full display with the Ukraine conflict. This time, several companies are going beyond just a black square or story signalling their support – they’re actually boycotting operations in Russia.

It’s reflective of the growing scrutiny the public has towards brand performatism, and sends a message loud and clear – if your brand is using CSR, put your money where your mouth is. 



Google Sets End Date For Universal Analytics, Marketers Cry

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Google has been pushing GA4 (Google Analytics 4) for years, but most marketers have held on to Universal Analytics due to its superior tracking capabilities. 

They’ll have no choice but to move on, though, as Google has announced the official date they will deprecate Universal Analytics: July 1, 2023.

Shopify greatly depends on Universal Analytics – read our blog on what this change means for your shop.