Email Marketing

Use the Power of Email to Inform Connect & Sell

Email Marketing involves sending focused, well designed emails to your clients. If done correctly it can be a most effective way of communicating with your customers, keeping them informed and increasing sales.

There are 4¬†things you’ll need to start Email Marketing.


What is it you want to say in your Email Marketing campaigns? Do you want to let customers know about new products or services? Or do you want to keep your brand in the forefront of people’s minds?

What you want to achieve it is always a good idea to plan first.

List Of Recipients

Sounds obvious but you’re going to need a list of people to send your Email Marketing campaigns to. The more people you can send your emails to the better but you have to go about building your list carefully and correctly.

We can offer advice on how best to build your list. Can you send to emails to existing customers? Will me emails be considered spam? How can new people subscribe to the list? We can help you with all of these questions.

Email Marketing System

If you want to send effective Email Marketing campaigns you need a specialised system to look after the database and delivery of emails. You can’t use Outlook or Gmail to send the campaigns as you’ll run the risk of your emails being marked as spam or, worse, getting your domain name blacklisted.

We use an industry leading system that complies fully with anti-spam legislation as well as allows you to build beautiful emails that will look great on all systems and all devices. It also provides fantastic reporting tools allow your to asses the performance of your campaigns.

Great Content

Ok, you’ve got your list together and you’re hooked up with our fantastic Email Marketing system, what’s next? Content.

It is vitally important that the content of your Email Marketing campaigns grabs the attention of your audience. The emails that you send need to be designed well and the text and image content needs to be targeted to your customers. The last thing you want is for people to click on trash or, worse still, click the unsubscribe button.

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