If you are needing simple re-colouration, resizing or cropping, the online version of Adobe Photoshop Express is a fantastic solution!

Adobe Photoshop Express Editor is a free online tool that offers a number of simple and handy tools, without the expense and stress of using a full version of Photoshop.

Auto Correct

For quick colour adjustments, the Auto Correct tool polishes up the lighting and contrast of the image.

Resizing & Cropping:

When adding images to your website, you’ll often need to resize and/or crop your images to fit in the content space of the page you’re editing. With Photoshop Express Editor, you can quickly resize for profile, mobile, email or web uses, with easy, preset sizes. If you have a more specific size in mind, the editor will also allow you to enter in custom Height and Width values. The image crop & rotate tool tool will allow you to crop out bits of the image that aren’t needed, while keeping the ratio of your photograph.