Events around the world have been cancelled, shops closed, services put on pause. So, until things are more certain, how do you switch gears so you aren’t left behind? In the current climate and with technology at everyone’s fingertips, digital marketing and content creation has never been more important for lead generation and sales.

People are home, which means people are searching online. In a time when your digital presence has become the main source of information and exposure to audiences, marketing in the online world is essential.

Importance of Long Term Activities like SEO

While there may be a small drop in overall search demand during this kind of situation, particularly early on, long term marketing strategies like SEO are important to ensure your rankings are maintained (or improved!) and are ready for when search demand returns in full force. Neil Patel, a well known SEO expert, found that traffic levels were mixed across industries (with e-commerce in particular not as badly hit). Putting the work in now means you can easily and quickly capture that search volume and get ahead of your competition. 

This is an opportunity to be one of the businesses who makes digital a focus and gets ahead of the competition. Those who may be reducing their investment in online efforts or even or pausing them altogether may well suffer for this as the world recovers.

Research from CMO Council also found that while 88 per cent of buyers and customers say online content impacts store selection, just 9 per cent think of vendors as trusted sources of content. The report went on to suggest that well-conceived, customer-centric themes and subject areas, more effective delivery networks (how the content is delivered to a user), and measurable performance tracking systems (of the content) are vital not only in uncertain times but during regular operations as well. In fact, the research found that 31 per cent of content downloaders go on to share the content with 25 – 100+ of their colleagues!

Google and Facebook Ads

COVID-19 is a double edged sword for digital – Nick Leroy from Search Engine Land has noticed search demand is down but bids in many industries are lower than ever, likely due to budgets being cut in many businesses. This means you could benefit from lower costs for keywords but may also have a smaller pool of users to attract.

If you are selling a product or service that is still in demand at this time, this could be a great opportunity for your brand to implement PPC advertising. Just make sure you have someone who can keep a close eye on your ads so you get the best return on ad spend (ROAS). By using your budget wisely with the help of an expert, advertising online can have a great impact on how successful your business is during this time and as things continue to change in the future.  

Email Marketing

Cheap and effective, email marketing is one of the most powerful tools in digital marketing today. You have probably already seen an influx of COVID-19 messages in your inbox and there’s a good reason for that – people want to understand and feel understood. 

Communication is key for loyal customers who have signed up to hear from you and they want to know you are taking this seriously. Plus, when they start clearing out their inboxes, your brand will be top of mind when they make their next purchase during isolation or want to book in a service when times are more certain. Just make sure you aren’t saying the same thing as everyone else – or you may end up in the digital bin!

So, if you have been questioning your digital marketing efforts during this time, think about your offering and your audience. With people isolating at home, many are looking to your digital profiles for business updates, shopping and entertainment.

For more information around COVID-19 and how the government is helping, read this blog. If you want help figuring out what your digital marketing makeup should be, get in touch and our team in Brisbane can give you some guidance!