Elite Bathware can be added to that category too. For years now the Elite showroom on Stanley Street has been a mecca for renovators, architects and interior designers looking to create the finest bathrooms. But until recently they didn’t have a website, well not a real website anyway.

So we were very pleased to have been approached by the lovely people at Elite to create the online representation of what is a mightily impressive business. Daunted? Us? No, this is the sort of work we love.

The first thing that struck us about the tiles and bathware that Elite sell is how photogenic they are. We knew straightaway that the website needed to be image based to the max. For us this meant large background images and image based product navigation. It also meant ExpressionEngine. This fantastic Content Management System has very clever image handling capabilities that meant we were able to serve up the highest quality images possible without resorting to a website that loaded as fast as a drunken forklift driver.


The result is a stunning, even if we do say so ourselves, site that combines product gallery with design resource and blog. The feedback has been good too, with the Elite folk thrilled to bits.

Let us know what you think.