The Designer


As a designer, my work is always rooted in creative and strategic thinking.

I tend to follow a ‘less is more’ approach and am a sucker for type-orientated design.

I have completed a double degree with a Bachelor of Information Technology and a Bachelor of Fine Arts majoring in Interactive and Visual Design.This gave me an appreciation for a project as a whole. I’m a technical, but visual person, so being able to bring my designs to life from development through to delivery was exciting to me.

I have a growing interest in the developing side of design, so I plan to continue expanding my skills both as a designer and a front-end developer.

Alyse Flat Lay Image

Apart from that I’m a big chocoholic, watch way too many TV shows and will give unfaltering encouragement to buy whatever you are “thinking about buying”.

I also have an adorable puppy, Mila, who I will talk about endlessly when prompted. #adoptdontshop

Being creative, adventurous, ambitious and fearless is something I’m passionate about and I love sharing my tips.

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