Digital Strategist


As the digital marketing strategist at BA Creative, I develop and manage strategies for all our clients on the web.

I enjoy my role as it allows me to meld the creative with the technical when it comes to marketing online. I am passionate in seeking improvement in all aspects from my skills and what I deliver to clients, as well as my social and personal relationships. From having my first holiday job at 13, I developed a strong business-orientated mindset and strive to achieve and surpass expectations and goals.

Outside of the office, I let my puppy Lola take up most of my time and am probably most content with her binge watching Game of Thrones with me (multiple times!). Although not technically an outdoorsy person, I do enjoy green spaces from the nearby parkland to my humble backyard–so much so that I have spent quite a bit of time nurturing my green thumb. What can I say… I love watching things grow!

Oh have I mentioned that I am a cognac drinker? #martellcleansemysoul 

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