Creative Director

Pete Accini

Pegboard loving classic car owner

Hello I’m Pete, owner and creative director of BA Creative. It’s my job to oversee the creative process, making sure that everything comes together perfectly for our clients. 

Although BA is very much a digital business I have a real passion for the physical, old-school, analogue world.  I’m interested in the ways humans connect with all technology whether that’s an old car or a state of the art website and I like to explore the role that human emotion plays in this interaction. Why does a beautiful online store produce more sales than a poorly designed one? What is it about a well designed logo, cleverly written copy or a perfect image that makes you feel good about a brand? These are the questions that inspire me.

So, if you’d like to talk to me about how your brand or website can perform better or maybe why classic Alfa Romeo sedans are the coolest cars on the planet, I’m all ears.


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