Meet Pete Accini

"I finish everything I sta..."

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I’m a born and bred Londoner and consider my years in the old country as my design apprenticeship. It is there that I gained my love of the cultural melting pot, of the clash of cultures, styles and of the old versus the new.

Since moving to Brisbane with Rosie in 2000 I have seen how the city has matured and gained confidence and how it has opened its eyes to new ideas and become culturally more interesting and diverse. This has been a great time to grow a business such as BA Creative not to mention a family.

My Euro-centric appreciation of classic design remains and you’ll find me commuting daily in an Italian car from the 1960s. And I still find soccer infinitely more aesthetically pleasing than Aussie codes.

Unashamedly non-technical, my passion lies in the ways humans connect in the digital age. What is it that gets an emotional response? Why does a well designed online store produce more sales? What is it about well design logo, cleverly written copy or a perfect image that makes you feel good about a brand? These are the questions that interest me and, I hope, where my strengths are.

If you’d like to talk to me about how your brand or website can perform better or maybe why Alfa Romeo sedans are way cooler than their limelight hogging coupes and spiders I’m all ears.

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07 Nov 2016

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