Always finding yourself with no time left to make a post to Facebook? Don’t worry, so do most people. Some responses that most people give when asked why they’re not posting to social media are, “I’m too busy”, or, “I haven’t got the time”. This can be easily fixed with a Social Media Content Calendar!

A Social Media Content Calendar is a simple way of mapping out the content that you need to create and post. It can be a simple document or you use calendar software (E.G Google Calendar). The best way to get started is to work out how frequently you want to post – we generally recommend once or twice a week for Facebook – then add these dates to your calendar with your content ideas.

When thinking of content, consider events and important days that are coming up, for example you might want to reference public holidays or sporting events. You could also include internal milestones like anniversaries or staff birthdays. You’ll also want to showcase achievements and recent work so schedule a post when a project is completed.

Once you’ve plotted out these dates, see what the distribution looks like and whether you need to make some extra posts elsewhere in the month. Remember, you should be aiming for a few times a week so if you see a spare block, try and fill it up. This can be tied in with your blog post schedule so that when you publish a new blog, you also make a post on social media! By planning ahead, you should find the posting to social media much easier to do. Here is an example of a Content Calendar.


Have a think about what you stop and look at when you’re scrolling through your newsfeed. Are you stopping on plain text posts or ones that have a photo or video attached? Generally users will stop and look at the splash of colour that comes with a photo or video, so try including this to boost the success of your posts.

With Facebook’s recent changes in strategy, the current hierarchy of what users will see is videos, photos, shares and text posts. Due to this, it is crucial that if you want to be seen by your customers, you’re going to have to start including videos and photos into your schedule. Your videos don’t need to meet Oscar standards and the photos don’t need to look like they were ripped out of a magazine; your smart phone is all you’ll need. You could create a regular video series that helps showcase new products that you now sell, or just have a photo of the team celebrating the end of the week. Small things like this can help create great engagement with customers, and makes the business more personable with the behind the scenes style posts. Videos and photos are going to make you more likely to appear on a person’s newsfeed, so get snapping.


Facebook is currently the second most used search engine in the world, which means there’s a whole lot of information available and a lot of people searching for it. To make it easy to be found you’ll want to make sure all your company details are correct and that your about section is full of useful information that includes the relevant keywords that people will use in a search – this is much the same as you’d do with your website to make it rank higher on Google.


Start having a look over the brands in your market segment that you think are doing awesome on social media. Ask yourself, “what are they doing that I’m not?”, and once you’ve figured that out, start working it into your own strategy. These social media profiles are perfect cases studies for you and your business because they can be viewed by anyone and show you what you need to do if you want to become as popular as them. If you see that they’re posting once a day, you should be aiming for a similar schedule. If they’re doing live streams and getting good engagement for it, you should aim to do the same! Overall, social media is a chance to get your business noticed online so you should always strive to make sure that what you post and share is the type of stuff that people will enjoy seeing and make them want to interact with your brand. Seeing what the brands who are succeeding are doing is the quickest way to see what you should be doing.

These 4 tips can help you improve the strength of your social media dramatically. You should start to see more engagement from current customers and should see your account grow in followers. If you’re looking to be discovered faster, have a play around with Facebook advertising to help get more people flowing to your page. The options are endless and can be very specific whilst still remaining very affordable. So, start organising your social media plans, and start seeing the benefits of staying on top of your social media accounts.