GreenCube Constructions is a long established and well respected Brisbane based building firm that needed our help to revitalise the brand and create a new website. Owner Gary Breakwell approached BA Creative after seeing other sites that we’ve built including Elite Bathware.


GreenCube Constructions Brand

To be completely honest Gary came to us for just a website, he didn’t think that his brand needed any work, we convinced him that it did – sorry Gary, I hope you don’t feel like we bullied you into it!

Our point was that it would be a shame to go to the expensive of building a new website if the branding was flawed. As we always say: it all starts with the brand.

One thing that we were very clear about was that we weren’t advocating a complete change in terms of branding elements. Evolution rather than revolution was the order of the day here. Elements that were staying included the business name, colours and the cube motif. So what were we going to change? What was our problem with the branding if we were planning on keeping most of it? Well the simple answer is we were advocating for a custom design that fitted the demographic rather than a seemingly random combination of font and styles. To illustrate this here is the original GreenCube logo:

Old GreenCube Constructions Logo


Old GreenCube Constructions Logo

You can see how the reflections and gradients allied with the futuristic font choice combine to create an image more suited to a technology firm – a dated one at that – rather than a bespoke construction business. It looked like an off-the-shelf logo and it had to go!

Our new branding elements were designed to appeal the target demographic. We wanted to make sure that anyone in the market for a new home or a major renovation would be encouraged by GreenCube’s brand. We also wanted to create something that will have considerably greater longevity than the old logo. We like the idea of the new brand still looking good in years to come. Did we succeed? Judge for yourself below.

New GreenCube Constructions Logo


New GreenCube Constructions Logo

As well as creating the new logo we also created a brand guidelines document that outlines the typography styles, colours and how the logo should be used.

Read more about our branding service here.

GreenCube Constructions Brand Guidelines Document


GreenCube Constructions Brand Guidelines Document Page 4

GreenCube Constructions Brand Guidelines Document Page 3


GreenCube Constructions Website

Once the branding elements were locked in we moved on the job of designing and building a new website for GreenCube. We wanted to create something that was simple and elegant but with a twist. We decided to use a vertical navigation style to make the website break from the norm yet retain a high level of usability. The navigation bar neatly changes to a mobile burger style on tablets and smart phones.

Another interesting feature is the grid of tiles used on Projects and News sections. This creates an appealing way of displaying content invites further investigation.

We used WordPress as the Content Management System (CMS) for this project and employed our custom, no pluging/no bought theme approach. Read more about the way we build WordPress websites here.

GreenCube Constructions Responsive Website


GreenCube Constructions Responsive Web Design

All in all this was a very enjoyable project for a great client. If you would like us to refresh your business’ brand or build you a new website we’d love to have a chat –  get in touch now.