At BA Creative, we pride ourselves on being up-to-speed with industry trends and software changes, so that we can educate our clients on how they should approach the latest technologies!

You may or may not be aware of Apple’s iOS 14 Release and the effects it will have on Facebook (and Instagram) Ads! Luckily we have devised a list of key things everyone should be aware of with the changes.


Reporting of conversions will decrease

The main component of Facebook advertising is pixel tracking. What is this you may ask? This is the re-marketing of lists and conversion events. Once a conversion campaign is created in Facebook, the algorithm learns and optimises in a beneficial way for your business. With the reduction in this feature, we recommend excluding iOS devices from campaigns with conversion objectives, or creating an extra layer on your conversion flow for all landing pages!


Potential audience size will decrease as iOS users opt-out of being tracked

As more and more people update their devices, your target audience may be reduced. This means that some users will not see ads, while others may only see ‘relevant’ ads. To try and minimise the decrease in audience size, Facebook recommends using only one pixel per catalog, and to avoid using links that send users to another domain. There is also some good news! Advertisers should not see much change with broad targeting campaigns! 


The attribution window will change from 28 days to 7 days 

For this one, it is vital that you know your business! Every business is different! It is important to understand how many of your conversions are beyond a 7-day click – these are the ones you need to be weary of! It is not all bad though, if you customise your options, you should still have access to a 28-day window. 


It is daunting when changes to Apple’s iOS software happen. At BA Creative we have a specialised Digital Marketing Team who can help you navigate through these changes to ensure success for your business! Have questions? Feel free to call our welcoming studio to find out more!