Solar’s Top 10 Songs (no particular order)
  1. Another Brick In The Wall – Pink Floyd
    A sucker for Pink Floyd, this is definitely the song that gets me singing into my hair brush in front of the mirror.
  2. Bohemian Rhapsody – Queen
    Have you ever been out to a bar where people are dancing and this song comes on? If so, you’ll know why I love this song. Everyone knows it!
  3. Stronger Than Me – Amy Winehouse
    I have a soft spot for Winehouse *sniff*, this song in particular is such a chilled out, sing-a-long song.
  4. What’s My Age Again? – Blink 182
    Re-living my teenhood.
  5. Ms. Jackson – Outkast
    This was up there with “Hey Ya!” but this song took the lead.
  6. Careless Whisper – George Michael
    Even though it’s meant to be sad, I am seriously considering this song for my first dance at my future wedding!
  7. It Wasn’t Me – Shaggy
    Such a catchy, funny song.
  8. Blackbird – Fat Freddy’s Drop
    Something a little different; a bit of reggae and a bit of soul. 
  9. Rhiannon – Fleetwood Mac
    Nothing like a song that you can sing along with your mum.
  10. C.R.E.A.M – Wu Tang Clan
    I am more familiar with 90’s hiphop than today’s hiphop. This one is a classic.


Runner Ups:
It was so hard to pick my top ten that I just had throw in some runner ups!