As with any SEO work the most important factor in determining success is the competitiveness of the market. If you want to achieve a good SEO result for an unusual search term then it is relatively easy. But when you want to climb the rankings for searches that are common and where there is a high level of competition, things get trickier.

In the case ofJust Us Law, it operates in an extremely competitive field with many rival firms vieing for the top spot. Fortunately the decision was made to focus on one particular area of law that Just Us Law specialise in: conveyancing.

Initial Phase

The first batch of work involved making some major changes to the Just Us Law website. These changes included building a separate section relating to conveyancing law and updates to the home page to the reflect the new focus.

We also helped set up social media pages, Google maps and Google +.

Ongoing Work

Once the initial work had been completed we moved on to studying the statistics and making ongoing changes and tweaks to improve the website’s Google performance.


As well as working to improve the website’s performance on Google index we also created an AdWords campaign that showed an ad for Just Us Law when people


The results of our SEO work have been excellent. The website now performs very well for the keywords that we focussed on. For example a search for Conveyancing Lawyers Kelvin Grove produces a first result in Google’s map listing as well as the main Google search result list.

A more competitive search term is Conveyancing Brisbane and this is proving harder to get a top ten result but we are seeing a steady climb up the rankings each month and we hope to see a first page result soon.