ManUp! are committed to educating men about the severity of prostate cancer and the need for regular testing in regional and rural areas throughout Queensland and New South Wales. Visiting up to 70 communities every year, they want to increase community awareness about prostate cancer to ultimately save lives! Their mantra: encourage your mates to get tested regularly.


ManUp! Australia needed an updated website in order to position them as the online authority on prostate cancer. We were not only tasked with updates to their website, but our development and design team were also asked to build an app. ManUp! needed an app as they identified that there were very few/if any apps on the market that provided a ‘one-stop-shop’ for prostate cancer. From gathering information, to identifying trusted practices and providing support, this all-in-one application is such a valuable tool for the brand.


We needed to update their current website, which meant that we had to restructure some of their site for a better user experience. This involved creating an industry leading blog, creating more resources in order to establish themselves as an industry leader online. The client also had a recent photoshoot, so we updated content with these images that were better quality and more representative of their brand. An additional task of the web updates involved adding a new “DonorBox” feature on the website, which allowed the user to stay on the site, and not be taken to another website for use! We built the app so that it could be used as an online directory where people from any location can find a practice all around Australia with services directly related to what they are after.

We were so happy with the result of these updates and so was the client! The organisation has an updated site, with a great “DonorBox” feature and new images that really showcase the amazing work that ManUp! is doing! They also have a fabulous new app that is an easy tool for men to access showcasing plenty of resources and helpful information about prostate cancer. We love how this project played out, and we are excited to continue working with such a fabulous organisation. 

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