For a few years, Smith & Hubble had a solid product range and a core brand proposition paired with a proven market of hotel and restaurant diners looking for those fine dining products for their own homes. What they didn’t have was a visual identity, a website, or a digital marketing program to advertise their finery.

Enter BA.

Brand Design

All glowed up.

Smith & Hubble first came to us for a logo in 2018 and we decided on a classic navy palette complemented with neutral tones after some research deep diving. As part of their ecommerce launch, Smith & Hubble gave us a new remit to refresh that brand. Because we’re still pretty proud of our work from a few years ago, we lightly updated (a ‘glow up’, as we call it) the brand by reworking the placement of the platypus and slightly changing fonts to better pair with web safe guidelines.

We then produced a brand guidelines document that we used to inform the build of their new online store to speak to their high-end customer base.

Web Development

Digital high street.

It’s no secret we’re huge advocates for building on Shopify for ecommerce stores — in fact, that’s all we do for ecommerce brands now. So you’ll not be surprised to know we built Smith & Hubble’s new store as a fresh Shopify shop that’s responsive, stylish, and fast. A handful of extra apps rounded out our work to keep the site as smooth as possible while still ensuring functionality. As Shopify Experts, we’re among Australia’s best ecommerce web developers — a match made over a candlelit dinner as befitting Smith & Hubble’s core business.

Digital Marketing

But there’s no point building a sleek new website for a stylish new DTC brand if no one knows about it.

Partnering with us on a rolling SEO, Google search ad, Google Shopping ad, and Facebook and Instagram ad campaign retainer, Smith & Hubble has driven over $10,000 in sales in its first month. With high-ticket items their bread and butter, single-touch purchases are rare so our comprehensive, multi-touch digital marketing presence is helping bring restaurant and hotel quality dining accoutrements to the Australian consumer.

Happy dining

Launched in time for Christmas 2021, Smith & Hubble is the ideal destination for corporate holiday gifts, presents for the lovers of finer things, or just a generous indulgence in the name of better meals. Discover their extensive, beautiful range of glassware, chef’s knives, cookware, dinnerware, and cutlery on their shiny new Shopify store. For Christmas, Valentine’s, or birthday gifts without the pressure of choosing the wrong type of glass (red and white taste better from different kinds of glasses, after all) help your loved ones to a gift card. 

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