The important elements when designing a new brand are colours, fonts and textures. We like to use moodboards to help guide us towards the feel and aesthetic of the brand – this can then be deconstructed into a style guide, which is finally used to create the website.

The moodboard you see below is the one created for our new client – the overall feel I was going for was soft and feminine, welcoming and approachable, with a focus on detailed and hand crafted work.




For our client, we decided that the aesthetic needs to be soft and romantic, simple but with a slight – very slight – fashion edge. So the colours are light and washed out, the hues are feminine and almost neutral. I love the way they work together with dark purple tones, which gives it a slightly luxurious and modern feel.



I love mixing fonts together – and I especially love the ongoing trend with hand lettering, grounded with a completely contrasting font, like a modern serif! The hand lettering makes the brand more personal and gives it an extra bit of personality, while the serif font keeps the brand feeling professional and almost editorial.



Although the current trend in web design is for everything to be completely flat and 2-dimensional, there’s so much we can deduce from the textures that are included in the moodboard. The textures you find in the above moodboard are mostly soft, like the flowers, the gradient sky, the soft table cloth and Keri Russell’s hair. The edginess appears with the urban, black and white background imagery and the sketch portraits in the bedroom. I also really love the pattern on the Chanel blouse, there’s something so simple and luxurious about it – pattern, used wisely as backgrounds and overlays, can really lift an entire design.


During our initial branding meeting, we showed our client the moodboard and she loved it! She loved everything, from the colours to the fonts to the textures, and completely agreed that it encapsulated her brand very well.

By showing the client the mood board first we were able to agree on the brand’s “feel” and aesthetic, and also all be on the same page before getting started.

Next step: Designing the logo… stay tuned!