Why so pleased and proud? Well, the whole process has been such a delight and it’s a real treat having great customers that are so close. XX Sheds¬†share the same building as us on Stanley Street, East Brisbane and the close proximity has meant communication has been a breeze. It just goes to prove that in our industry you don’t need to be close to your clients – they could be on the other side of the world – but it is really, really nice when they are! Face to face meetings, chats in the car park, catch ups in the coffee shop, all things that make the process of web design more human and enjoyable. Shop local folks!

But I’m here to tell you about the new website we’ve launched. The brief was clear: the client needed a simple website that would present a professional image. They needed full control of the content and for the site to work on all devices. We knew straight away that this was perfect for WordPress and in particular the new way in which we work with WordPress.

We have been able to create a great site for XXL Sheds without the need for a third party template, theme or even a plug in – just pure, simple BA Creative and WordPress. This means that the site runs lean, is very secure and will be a breeze to update. It also means that we were able to customise the backend for the clients needs. When they log into WordPress they see exactly what they need to see. Pages and sections are labelled clearly and fields are relevant and simple. The client doesn’t need to worry about styling mess, Page Composer confusion or shortcodes.


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