With the 2020 Ekka event cancelled to keep people safe, we won’t be packed in at the Brisbane showgrounds eating strawberry sundaes or winning plush toys on sideshow alley. However, we still wanted to pay tribute to the event, so the BA team called on some nostalgic Ekka memories to come up with our favourite 2020 Showbag picks!


hello kitty showbag

Hello Kitty Showbag

I was obsessed with HK as a child and am still obsessed in my late twenties!

Trolli Jumbo Showbag 

Gummy lollies are the best!



caramello showbag

Caramello Koala Superbag 

Because you can never have too many caramello koalas! 



Trolli Jumbo showbag

Trolli Jumbo Showbag 

I loooove sour lollies!



Furry Friends showbag

Furry Friends Showbag

Along with Jelly Tots and Barley Sugar, Furry Friends were an annual Ekka treat for me growing up. The wafer thin chocolate used to be wrapped in even thinner paper lined foil that was pretty exciting to open to see if you’d managed to do it without breaking the chocolate. Not to mention the cute fun animal facts on the outside wrapper…Simple times! 



The Office Showbag

The Office Showbag 

I find myself increasingly admiring the management style of Michael Scott. 



Gudetama Showbag

Gudetama Showbag 

One of my favourite Sanrio characters. He’s a lazy egg who just wants to do nothing – relatable. Plus, there are so many cute, useful items in this bag!

Bertie Beetle Super Fan Retro Bundle 

A classic showbag, plus it has some cute reto camping mugs to match! I actually really like Bertie Beetle chocolate, but that may also be a little from nostalgia.



Sonic Showbag

Sonic The Hedgehog Showbag 

Childhood Sega Master System memories and stationary in the one showbag! Can’t go wrong!

So, they’re our Ekka Showbag 2020 picks! What were your favourites?


All images and showbags from Showbags.com.au