In this fast moving, digital world there is still room for the good old fashioned sticker. In fact, despite our ever increasing screen time, stickers are probably more popular than ever.

And here at BA, our designers are definitely not immune to sticker-love. It’s great to occasionally take a break from the pixels and code to produce something for the physical world – something you can touch and stick on your laptop/skateboard/phone case/bumper.

When we are designing a new brand it is great to run up a quick batch of stickers to give to our clients. They provide a great way for them to connect and enjoy their new brand.

The problem was that getting the stickers printed was often a pain. Over the years we have struggled to find a good sticker printing company that could quickly supply small batches, but we think we have finally solved that problem with Oz Sticker Printing. They recently whipped up a batch of bumper stickers for us for a new brand that we’re working on – sorry it’s top secret at the moment, but there is a sneak peak in the hero image of this post. We we were super-impressed with how easy they were to deal with and the quality of the stickers. We will definitely be using them again in the future.