About Our Client

Sunworks Solar are Sunshine Coast’s residential, commercial and off grid solar power system experts! They have over 30 years of experience in the solar systems industry. With their high-level service and amazing customer satisfaction, you can trust them for all your solar needs! Sunworks Solar offers products and services proven to perform. Keep scrolling to find out how we helped!

The Challenge 

We started working with Sunworks Solar over 10 years ago, and this is the third website we have built for them! When Sunworks Solar asked us to assist in creating a refreshed brand for their most recent website, we were more than happy to bring our skills to the table. The client wanted to integrate better product descriptions, where we created variations and special attributes for products. They also wanted a social media feed on their website!

What We Did

This time around, the team undertook a branding revolution. We created a modernised version of the logo, while keeping orange as the main colour. They wanted a fresh brand to present to the market! Once we completed this, we helped Sunworks Solar with customising their Shopify site.

Our team also created 3 different product templates: one for buying, one for information only and one for enquiries. This ensures that Sunworks Solar has a seamless process when creating new information products when creating new informational products, sellable products, and products that require enquiries! We also reorganised their products into a seamless user experience, utilising Shopify’s ‘built-in’ collections.

As well as creating an entirely new website, our development team also were tasked with implementing their Instagram feed through a social media app on the backend of their Shopify website. 

The Result

We were ecstatic when we launched Sunworks Solar in early March. The business now has a beautiful new site, with an automatic Instagram feed at the bottom. There is easier navigation for users, and better product data! With our handy training guide for SEO and web, Sunworks Solar has a bright future! We love how this project turned out!

Check out the new website when you get a chance. And remember, if you need help the team at BA Creative is only a phone call away!