Film: Black Panther

Why you’d give it the Oscar: And the Academy Awards for Best Picture goes to…. Black Panther. Probably not, but it still deserves the top prize in my eyes. I think action movies have a stigma of being less deserving for best picture, but Black Panther defies that idea because it’s much more than that. It’s political and artistic, the storyline is gripping and beautiful, the music and aesthetics celebrate black culture — all while being an action movie. Plus, who can say no to Michael B Gordon! #WakandaForever


Film: Mary Poppins
Why you’d give it the Oscar: It’s a nostalgic feast!

Pete (aspiring film critic)

Film: Mamma Mia Here We Go Again

Why you’d give it the Oscar: This rollicking sing-a-long-fest of a movie is a positive delight from start to finish. Part prequel, part sequel Mama Mia! Here We Go Again augments the much loved existing characters with youthful versions of themselves to provide a period-perfect backstory. New stars (Cher, Andy Garcia and the scene-stealing Omid Djalili) are drafted in to provide a contemporaneous storyline update as well as the genuinely heartbreaking denouement.

Mama Mia! Here We Go Again will thrill aficionados of the original Abba song-stuffed movie – of which there are legion – as well as any newcomers to the franchise. The only possible sour note that I can think of is that there can’t be anymore unused Abba tunes left in the songwriting cupboard for a third cinematic outing. If only Benny and Bjorn could be tempted out of retirement to provide a batch of new hits. Wishful thinking? …..Maybe, but I already have a title: Mama Mia! My my, how can I resist you?


Film: Avengers Infinity War

Why you’d give it the Oscar: I am usually not an Avengers fan but this movie exceeded my expectations. Rather than just portraying “villains are all self-absorbed and bad without a reason”, Thanos (the villain) killed half of the population for what he believed was a good cause, overpopulation. He also says that everything must be perfectly balanced, which I couldn’t agree with more. But that does not mean I approve of the snap!


Film: Greenbook

Why you’d give it the Oscar: Well filmed, funny, all round great movie!


Film: Crazy Rich Asians

Why you’d give it the Oscar: (I actually saw this movie twice, which is something I never do.) Having read the book when it was first published in 2013, I had been waiting for a number of years to see some of my favourite characters brought to life on the big screen – and this movie did not disappoint! I love the storyline, the sets, the costumes and the culture that’s embraced throughout. Most of all it’s the family dynamics and relationships that made this my favourite film of 2018. And who couldn’t shed a tear when (spoiler) Nicholas Young finally proposes to Rachel Chu, presenting her with his mother’s engagement ring, symbolising her final acceptance for Rachel and who she is as a person. This movie is romcom gold!


Film: Deadpool 2

Why you’d give it the Oscar: It’s a funny, violent, superhero action movie with a different sense of humour that keeps it apart from your typical Marvel movie. I enjoyed the plot twists and good story line with plenty of comic relief. The SFX were also pretty cool!


Film: Crazy Rich Asians

Why you’d give it the Oscar: This was the first movie in years that I’ve been to see with all of my siblings. Being the only half casts in the entire theatre we found it more relatable than most. Among these reasons, Peik Lin Goh was hilarious along with Awkwafina and her memorable one-liners!


(Cover image source: The Academy. Artist Series ‘Imagine What’s Possible’: by Danny Park, United States, 2015.)