The answer is, ‘it depends’. There is no set formula that everyone can use to rank and as we often tell clients, it can take 3 to 12 months of a cleverly designed strategy to see positive movement. But that can also depend on the competition, target keywords and location.

When we do hit that first page, or if it takes longer than expected, sometimes a client may wonder if they still need SEO. They question if the investment is worth it or if they need someone to maintain their rankings once they get on that coveted first page.

The simple answer is yes, the investment is worth it. But why do we say that? Here are some of the reasons:

Search Engines Change All the Time

A lot of people aren’t aware that search engines change almost every day! New technology is introduced, there are tweaks to how websites are ranked, keywords become more or less popular and sometimes the entire Search Algorithm has a huge update. All of this can greatly affect your rankings and if you’re not keeping a close eye on all of that, adapting to these can be very difficult. An SEO professional lives in this world and can make suggestions or craft new strategies to suit these changes.

Your Competition Isn’t Going to Stop

Very few companies with a website don’t have some kind of SEO work going on, whether it’s someone in-house, a freelance specialist or an agency. It is likely your competitors will surge ahead of you when your SEO work stops or is scaled back. If your competition continues to adapt they will gain and overtake you, potentially taking from your prospective customer base and putting you at the bottom of the pack.

Your Site Won’t Be Crawled

Google loves unique, fresh content. If nothing new is added, Google (or another search engine) won’t crawl your site as often. When you regularly add new content, search engine crawlers are sent to index that fresh new content you just uploaded. If your website has unique content added to it every month, this will encourage crawling and also provides a solid foundation for internal linking, which can add to the overall performance of your site.

Technical Errors May Be Missed

Stopping your SEO stops the ongoing monitoring of your site and any potential issues. From links breaking to slow sites, SEO looks at all the factors that could affect your site’s performance. Technical and on-page SEO issues can pile up quickly which, if left unresolved, can affect your rankings and user experience. Understanding these problems and how to solve them can be complicated and having professional help is crucial.

SEO is a long-term strategy that can ultimately impact your businesses success. Rankings drop, traffic drops, competitors get ahead and in the end, you can lose leads or sales, making consistent SEO efforts essential.

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