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Song: Make Time 4 Love

Artist: The Goon Sax

Why you love it: There are 3 reasons why I love this song:

  • I love that the lead singer of this great Brisbane band is the son of Brisbane music royalty.
  • The song is strongly reminiscent of early Edwyn Collins which is no bad thing at all.
  • The line “I tried to paint you something, it didn’t work out” is adorable.



Song: Apesh*t

Artist: The Carters

Why you love it: Because it’s on Barack Obama’s “Favourite Songs of 2018” list and who doesn’t love Barack Obama!



Song: The End

Artist: The DMAs

Why you love it: 2018 was the year my 14 year old discovered Triple J so finally there’s been no fighting over what’s on the radio in the car on our early morning drives to his training. This is the song that will always remind me of those sleepy pre-dawn drives with him.



Song: Better

Artist: Khalid

Why you love it: Because it’s a really cute song to sing to my cats while we dance around the kitchen together. This song was also playing as I rang in 2019 with my friends.



Song: Sometimes

Artist: Cub Sport

Why you love it: This song never fails to put me in a good mood. I love the way it starts so quietly with raw emotion but then picks up the beat to get you ready for a good boogie.



Song: Baby Come Back {triple j Like A Version 2018}

Artist: Ocean Alley

Why you love it: I had never listened to Ocean Alley before their Like A Version on Triple J and I became an immediate fan. Everything about this song, the instruments, the vocals – it’s just super sexy and irresistible. Plus, I loved the cheeky Calvin Harris x Frank Ocean sample slipped in there.



Song: Suffer

Artist: Petit Biscuit ft. Skott

Why you love it: It was the song I Shazam’d the most in 2018. It’s a song that I can drive to, sing to & dance to – just a fun song all round :)



Song: Eastside

Artist: Halsey, Benny Blanco & Khalid

Why you love it: Mostly peer pressure from Nina because she’s a Khalid fan but I do find the song quite catchy!



Song: All The Stars

Artist: Kendrick Lamar & SZA

Why you love it: It was the perfect song for me and my partner to listen to in the car since it had a respectable rap quotient with a catchy sing-a-long hook!



Song: Tints

Artist: Anderson .Paak ft. Kendrick Lamar

Why you love it: It’s Anderson .Paak and his effortless cool portrayed in a song. Yes Lawd!