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We understand web design, but more importantly – much more importantly – we understand people. We strongly believe that our job as web designers and web developer is is to connect people to businesses, to products, to ideas and to other people. If you don’t get people you can’t build a website that will connect with them – simple.

The secret behind good web design

The difference between a good website – one that really connects –  and a stinker is how much thought went into it before a single line of code was written. At its core a website should be based on simple, age-old, conventional business questions; what do you want to say, who do you want to say it to, how do you want to present yourself and what do you want to achieve? 

We believe these questions are the crucial first step to successful web design. And we’re not afraid of using old fashioned business practices to address them. Such as face-to-face meetings, great customer care and refreshing honesty.

We’re also proudly Brisbane based. Our East Brisbane studio is open 5 days a week – you can come in for a chat and a coffee whenever you like. It seems obvious to us that a Brisbane based web design business will be best placed to provide web design services to Brisbane based clients – makes sense, right? 

So, what makes a good website? Good people, good customer care – that’s what.

Our web design process

We want to understand your business requirements and your customer’s needs and we want to know where you want your company to go. Not just because we’re nosey but because we know that this is the key to creating a web design with a clear strategy and, ultimately, a successful Brisbane website.

1. Discovery

We start by finding out as much as we can about your business and your aims. We’ll look at your industry, your competitors (in Brisbane and further afield) and analyse your target audience. We’ll cast the net far and wide and look at how other businesses are doing things in similar industries around the world.

2. Strategy & Plan

Once we have enough information to start we will form a plan for the website design and development process. We’ll present this during the BA Kick-Off Meeting and we’ll ensure that all stakeholders are clear about the strategy. This meeting can be held at our Brisbane studio or, if you prefer, at your place.

3. The Sprints

Within the overall framework of the strategy we will break up the project into a series of sprints. These sprints will be focussed on achieving specific goals and we will report on the completion of each sprint. This method allows for a very agile approach to the project development as we can factor in changes and adjustments as we discover something new during  sprint.

4. Testing & Amendments

The testing phase of any project is very important and we always invite our clients to get involved. Often at this stage new ideas pop up or changes are requested. We’re not at all resistant to this, in fact we love it when the realisation of a website sparks new ideas and options from our clients. Here we find another advantage to being located in Brisbane as we are able to have face to face meetings – bringing together our web designers, web developers and clients.

5. Launch

The pointy end of a web design and development project but it’s not really the end – just the end of the beginning.

6. Support & Maintenance

Modern websites need support – fact. Before Content Management Systems and online stores and database driven websites and mobile devices you could build a site and leave it for 3 years before touching it again. Not any more. Software needs to be kept up to date, new devices need to be catered for, hackers need to be combated and design needs to be kept fresh. 

Web elements

There are lots of different elements that go into the mix to make a great web experience. Here are our special ingredients:

Web Development

We believe in clean and elegant coding. Our Brisbane based web development team have devised a process that is designed to be as simple as it can be while still delivering the desired outcome beautifully – we will always avoid over complication.

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Web Design

On top of the well crafted code comes the web design tailored to your business, your target audience and your success. This includes carefully planned information architecture and considered user experience. Our web designers work alongside our web development team in our Brisbane studio.

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We’re not hosts but we are hosting facilitators –  we are unashamedly the middle-men in the hosting process. We set up the best hosting for your website to ensure security and high performance. And, because we know your website and hosting inside out, we can provide support with a high level of efficiency. We use Australian based servers to ensure that speed, security and response time is as high as possible.

Content Creation

A great website needs great content. If required, we can write all the copy for you or help you hone and fettle your own words. We can also supply the images for your site, avoiding cringe-worthy stock images of Mid-West American homes and beautiful Scandinavian models. We have a network of Brisbane based photographers that we can call on to provide the finishing touch to your website.


Digital Marketing

A website should be seen as a part of bigger marketing strategy. We aim to make our sites work harder by integrating with your entire customer experience process. This means incorporating newsletters, CRMs and social Media. As with all our web services this work is done with a Brisbane perspective.

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It is important to build with Google in mind – you want you site to be discovered by as many people as possible. We see our SEM and SEO work as part of the overall web design process and it’s thought about and factored in from the start of any web project.

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