Web Design

Form & Function Brought Together Beautifully

A Careful & Considered Approach to Designing Websites

Like Web Development, Web Design is a very broad term that covers a lot of disciplines. For us Web Design is about bringing all of the elements of a website together to make something that is great to look at and enjoyable to use. There is a huge amount of overlap between Web Design, Web Development and Brand Design – the magic happens when all three are working together.

Tools Of Our Trade

As with Web Development it is very important keep up to date with the latest thinking and the latest tools in regard to Web Design.  We need to ensure that your Web Design process is as efficient as possible and that the websites we create are compatible with the latest devices, operating systems and platforms – all while making them look great!

Here are some of the tools and methods we use.

Responsive Web Design Method

The Responsive Web Design Method (RWD) is a way of design a website that allows for the multitude of different devices that people use to view web pages. Before RWD you either built a separate website for each device or you made everyone use the same site that looked great on a huge iMac but terrible on an iPhone. Now, with RWD, only one site is created but it adapts to the device being used – very clever.

At BA Creative we were very early adopters of RWD, in fact we think we built Australia’s first ever Responsive Online Store: Folio Books.


Our Latest Work