Web Design Trends in 2020

3D Modelling/Elements

The use of 3D modelling and 3D elements in web design is another trend for the new decade, offering an eye-catching, unique touch to a site. While there are varying degrees to how this can be used, some sites take it to the next level, such as Baume’s product pages, which allow you to view the selected watch in 3D, spinning it 360 degrees to see the various details of the piece.

Trend: 3D Modelling


Dark Mode

The option to go “dark mode” has been growing in popularity on sites for a while but only now is it becoming common practice! (Check out chrome/google, slack, wikipedia’s dark mode). This style was created to help with eye strain when reading at night but has grown to be a design choice for many brands, including one of our favs We Are Likewise – click to view our case study! After looking at the site, it’s hard to imagine it with a white background!

Trend: Dark Mode


Tailored Illustrations

Imagery is crucial on any site and finding the right fit for your brand or offering can sometimes prove difficult. Illustrations are a great way to beautify and clarify with a huge amount of flexibility in the resulting imagery. The versatility and opportunity to create something so unique has meant illustration has grown in popularity year after year and we predict it will be a great trend for 2020 and beyond. One example of this is Steggall Nutrition, where we helped design illustrations that showcase the brand’s point simply.

Trend: Tailored Illustrations



Sites are becoming more streamlined, particularly as we move to a mobile driven world. Now, all sites are typically designed with a mobile first point of view and this has resulted in cleaner, more minimalist designs overall. Wyer + Craw is a great example of this minimalist trend, with simple burger dropdown navigation and lots of white space, focusing on the visuals to tell a story.

wyer and craw minimalism


Things people are saying are a trend but we believe should be a general must have:

User Friendly

One of the most important parts of any good website is the user’s experience. It will greatly affect the success of any site but particularly in the world of eCommerce! Considering the user experience is crucial when designing.


UI animation/Micro-interactions

Satisfying animation is now commonly used to show cause and effect. A great example of this is The Agency. Their navigation and about page offer a fluid, engaging experience that encourages the user to “play”, move through and interact with the site.

Trend: UI animation / Micro-interactions


Mobile Friendly

As mentioned in this year’s trends, designing for mobile has never been more important. Making sure your site will work on every device is an absolute must.


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