Home Alone

I watched this movie every Christmas as a child with my family and I’m continuing the tradition with my own kids! It’s a great movie that spans the generations with lots of laughs and tears mixed in with some family Christmas cheer.

Christmas 2019

Honourable mention: Love Actually

Is it even Christmas without watching Love Actually? It pulls on the heart strings and I shed a tear every time I watch it – I love the cast, the music and the interwoven stories of the characters.



The Nightmare Before Christmas

‘Cause Tim Burton, need I say more!?

Christmas 2019

Honourable mention: The Holiday

‘Cause I’m a sad af, hopeless romantic 😭



How the Grinch Stole Christmas

I’m not usually into Christmas movies but Dr. Seuss is one of my favourite pastimes and Jim Carrey will forever entertain.

Christmas 2019

Honourable mention: Home Alone

One of my most-watched Christmas movies of all time. It never gets old and the pranks definitely came in handy with 3 older siblings!



The Holiday

Nothing says Christmas more than a holiday-themed chick flick, and nothing beats The Holiday. The movie gives you all the rights feels and with such a wonderful cast, I never miss a year to watch it at least once.

Christmas 2019

Honourable mention: How the Grinch Stole Christmas

This is my go-to movie to get into the Christmas spirit – everything from the heartfelt story, to the festive set and costumes, brings back the child-like imagination of Christmas.



Love Actually 

Because not every story has a happy ending and I admire the realism in that.

Christmas 2019

Honourable mention: The Holiday

Why: Jude Law.




One of those movies that just shows up on TV, you don’t realise what you’re watching and then you’re obsessed! A little lesser known and a little unusual for Christmas – watch if you want something different to all the Hallmark movies :P

Christmas 2019

Honourable mention: Love Actually

This is one of my absolute favourites largely for the fact that it’s a winner with whoever is in the room (as you can tell by how many of us love it alone)! Plus I have always adored Alan Rickman, in everything he did.



It’s a Wonderful Life

The most heart warming movie ever made.

Christmas 2019


Planes, Trains, Automobiles

Okay, okay, it’s a Thanksgiving movie really so I’m a month out, but the sentiment of moving mountains to get home to family is comparable, particularly given the snowy, wintery backdrop. John Candy and Steve Martins’ characters encounter blizzards, being robbed, their car set on fire on fire and lots more ridiculous and hilarious impediments in an effort to get home in time but the underlying story is one of the sadness of being alone at such a time and ultimately, of course, compassion. 

Christmas 2019

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