What is WordPress 5.1?

WordPress 5.1, thoughtfully named “Betty”, is the first major update of 2019. This release includes PHP version updates, plugin error protection and (Gutenberg) block editor improvements.

Biggest Additions:

  • WP’s first Site Health features:
    This feature will prevent you from downloading incompatible plugins. Your cPanel (hosting) has set your PHP version and if the plugin requires a newer version of PHP then it won’t allow you to download it. If this comes about you’ll need to contact your web developers in order to fix this. They will ensure updating your PHP version won’t break your website in the process.
  • Quicker and smoother block editor:
    No more waiting around for the page to load (it’s now mildly faster to load) and it should be a smoother typing experience.
  • Lots and lots of new nifty developer updates! Including Multisite Metadata, Cron API, New JS Build Processes, updates to the WP_DEBUG_LOG, config files, new functions and more!

Should I update to WordPress 5.1?

It’s always recommended to keep your website up to date, although you should only do so if your theme and plugins are compatible and the entire site is properly backed up first! We recommend contacting your website developers to do the update, this way they’ll properly ensure all safety measures are in place when it comes to your site. (All our monthly maintenance clients will be in the clear!)

Please note: if you’re going to update to WordPress 5.1, ensure that you’re updating to the latest release!

Important: If you are going to update yourself, don’t forget to create a backup of your website before starting the update. Please note, that some themes are not compatible with WordPress 5.1 and may break upon updating.

Fun Fact: WordPress 5.1 was named after American jazz singer Betty Carter. 

Betty Carter. Source: BBC.