Where It All Begins

It All Starts With The Brand

A brand is more than just a logo or a tagline or the label on a beer bottle. A brand is your business’ personality, its style, its sense of humour, the cut of its jib.

Branding makes a difference to your company, a real difference. It comes before advertising, a website, a social media strategy – before everything! Your company’s brand is how the outside world sees your company – it is your company!

Every company has a brand, just like everyone has a personality. Whether that brand is doing your business harm or good is another question – and that’s where we come in. Our job is to create brands that help our clients achieve their business aims. Do they want to move up-market, appeal to a younger audience, shake off a dowdy image or perhaps attract better workers? 

Brand Services

Brand Strategy

Planning what you want to achieve with your brand is very important. You have to know where you want the brand to take your business and work towards that goal. We work with you to create the brand strategy so that you love it and live it.

Logo Design

The design of a logo is a critically important element of your company’s brand. It has to be carefully considered and integrated into the overall strategy for the brand. 

Graphic Design

Once the brand has been created the fun job of actually using it starts. As well as a website, your business may require printed materials such as business cards, flyers and brochures.

Our Branding Process

Creating a new brand or updating an existing one is a creative process and we believe that creativity should be free and unfettered. But there needs to be a process; creativity without a process can lead to missed targets and unfulfilled hopes. So we have created a branding process that allows our creativity to soar while we stay on track.

1. Initial Meeting & Discovery 

The process of discovery is massively important in the branding process. We must discover what you think about your company, what your aims and dreams are and, crucially, what the outside world thinks and feels about your company. This part of the process involves an initial fact finding meeting and then a period of discovery where we explore all aspects of your brand.

This can include market research, competitor analysis and sometimes focus groups.

2. Workshop

Once we have gathered information and have started to form ideas it is time for the workshop. This is where we sit down with you and work through what we are going to achieve and how we are going to do it.

This workshop session can be held at BA Creative’s studio or at your place.

3. Strategy & Plan

Once we have completed the workshop, we devise the strategy for your brand and plan the way forward. Depending on the status of your current brand, this may include a new name and tagline plus brand positioning statement and value proposition.

4. Brand Collateral Design

When the strategy is in place the creative process of designing the text and visual elements of your brand begins. This stage can include logo design, typography design, brand voice definition and documenting of the branding guidelines.

5. Brand Roll Out

Now everything is in place we can roll out the new brand. This can include the production of marketing materials such as a website, stationery, signage and documents.

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