Make Your Website Work Harder for Your Business

More Hits, More Leads

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation but it has become a catch-all term for all thing related to getting more work via search engines – and when we say search engines we mean Google, naturally.

Our SEO service is different to most SEOs firms. We focus on our clients needs, requirements and budget to provide a tailored services. We only employ Google approved techniques and methods – we’ll never do anything spammy or underhand. 

We are also interested in the full picture in relation to how people interact with your website. Sure we aim to get your website soaring up the Google rankings but that is not the be all and end all for us. We want to ensure that when people find you and visit your store they find what they are looking for and they make the sale/call/email or whatever business goal you have. We call this holistic SEO – we look at the big picture not just your Google position.

BA Creative SEO Package

The SEO work that we do for each client is very different – it’s always tailored to each business. But here is an overview of what is typically included in each package:


The first step is to look at how the site is currently performing and draw up a list of recommendations. The review is carried out free of charge.

Setup & Initial Work

Once the review has been completed we can implement the recommendations to optimise the website and set up our SEO tool.

Ongoing Work & Reporting

This is where we really differ from other SEO firms. We believe that a good SEO campaign needs to be maintained and tweaked to consistently achieve good results. So each month we produce a report with recommendations and a list of the work we have carried out since the previous month. Here’s more detail:

Monthly Reporting

Our monthly reports are designed to give you the information you need quickly and provide personalised analysis and recommendations.


We analyse the statistics & rankings and report on the most important of these.

Recommendations & On-Going Work

Most importantly we detail our recommendations. These recommendations include both suggestions for you to do and work for BA Creative to do. Some of this work we recommend will be included in our monthly fees and larger tasks will be quoted.

6 Month Review

We’ll provide details of the SEO work we have carried out on your website 6 Month Review We like to review what you are receiving from us twice a year to ensure you’re getting value for money and are completely happy. It’s also important to regularly check what your current business goals & targets are, what’s working, and what could work better.

How Much Does SEO Cost?

We can create a SEO package to fit your budget. Typically the Setup & Initial work stage costs $320 to $480 and the On-Going Work between $320 and $640 per month. Prices are + GST.

But we think a better question than how much will it cost is how much will it benefit my business. Our aim is to increase the number of people that see your website and, most importantly, the number of good quality enquiries or leads that this generates.

To quantify the value of SEO to your business we need to work out what the value of new customer is. Here is an example that shows how SEO can help your bottom line:

Fred has worked out that getting a new customer is worth, on average, $2000 in profit for his car servicing business. He has also figured out that half of the people that send enquiries through his website end up becoming clients. From that we can then say that each enquiry has a value of $1000. Currently Fred gets only 4 enquiries per month. If our SEO package increases the number of enquiries by 100% then the value to his business will be $4000. If Fred’s SEO package costs him $480 per month then he would be getting a return on investment of over 800%.


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