The 13 Best Apps For Your Brand’s Social Media in 2023

Social media is an amazing tool for small businesses to gain exposure to large audiences. But how do you compete with large businesses and their huge marketing budgets? Here are a few apps that can help you out.

Content Creation


If you’re running an ecommerce site, or just need product images for your socials, ClipDrop allows you to take professional product photos quickly and easily. You won’t need to learn Photoshop to remove backgrounds - this app does it instantly. Simply snap a photo on your phone, point it at your computer screen and watch it drop. 


In need of stock images but have a small budget? Wave goodbye to tedious hours of photoshopping out watermarks. Unsplash and Pexels are huge libraries of completely free, professional photography. Make sure you credit the photographer in your bio, though.


In 2023, video content is king. TikToks and Reels dominate social spaces, and if you’re not producing videos, you’re going to struggle to capture user attention. Enter Ripl, making it easier than ever to create and schedule video content. With thousands of templates available, you’ll seldom struggle to piece together a quality post. 


Like Ripl, VSCO is a particularly useful video editor, but allows you to enhance still photos as well. The free plan provides access to filters and editing tools that you won’t find on Instagram and helps you discover content for inspiration. This app is a particularly great choice for those seeking a vintage vibe for their brand.


One of the older apps on this list, Boomerang remains one of the most popular apps for creating simple, loopable videos. Simply film a single video for a burst of 10 images that will loop back and forth forever.


Canva offers user friendliness. While you might not be able to create as high quality, intricate imagery as Photoshop or Illustrator, Canva’s vast array of templates make it easy to create eye-catching social media content. In addition, you can use its content calendar feature to plan and schedule posts.


Post Scheduling


Speaking of planning — having a clear schedule is crucial for effective brand social. Specifically designed for Instagram, this content calendar app allows marketers to see exactly what their future post layout will look like. 


Another great post planner is Later, which allows scheduling across almost any social media platform from Instagram and TikTok to LinkedIn and Pinterest. Alongside their Instagram analytics and hashtag tools, their most impressive feature is their


Hootsuite is one of the most popular management tools for social media marketers. For good reason, too — marketers can curate and schedule content, measure ROI and work in teams to manage all social media accounts. Its free plan lets users schedule an unlimited number of posts each month.


Social Analytics & Audience Engagement


Buffer is also fantastic for scheduling posts, but an even better feature is its in-app analytics. The app tracks performance data across all social media accounts and allows users to create and download customised reports.  


Another analytical app is Combin, which offers much of the same services as Buffer. A stand out feature is their all-in-one inbox, where you can read and reply to messages from followers in one space. This is particularly handy in the age where more and more users turn to brand socials for customer service.

A planner with the works - Falcon’s analytics go the extra mile by providing complete profiles of your followers. The Brandwatch social listening function is particularly handy for keeping up to date with industry trends. 


SproutSocial is another tech giant with a myriad of functions. Here you can publish and schedule content, create text posts, tweets and captions, and analyse performance results. The platform is similar to Hootsuite, but - in our opinion - boasts better UI and audience engagement thanks to its automated response capabilities. The downside? There’s no free plan.


No time for DIY?

While these apps make it easier to handle everything yourself, they still demand a fair chunk of your time and money. It might work out cheaper and easier just to hire us instead.

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